Now this is just ridiculous, how can there be so many Ferrari’s in what appears to be a retirement village full of single family homes? See for yourself.


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BMWM6  (488) posted on 05.12.2009

Ok I figure this out this is a ferrari club in netherlands and apparently they are renting what this is a resort for a place for the club members to relax

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""""Dut chManticore

Dud e... it’s FERRARI CLUB Netherlands.
What you’re looking at aren’t HOMES ... those are vacation houses.

They are renting the entire park, pretty much.

And this is for everyone.. this is NOT a residential area. It’s a bungalow vacationpark. It’s where people rent homes for a week or a weekend just to relax. """"

BMWM6  (488) posted on 05.12.2009

holy how did they what how is that possible. My street is full of corvettes haha

BMWM6  (314) posted on 05.11.2009

If this is not Hollywood, then what kind of retirees are living on that side of the world?

BMWM6  (314) posted on 05.11.2009

Maybe we should ask, is this a Ferrari town? Coz with neighborhood seemed to enjoy having all Ferrari on display.

BMWM6  (289) posted on 05.11.2009

I was watching the video and I am somehow startled, is this Beverly Hills?

BMWM6  (318) posted on 05.11.2009

Is this for real? For I can’t believe what my eyes can see...this neighborhood is heafty’s just awful to know that this is a no place for old man.

BMWM6  (421) posted on 05.11.2009

Well I have never been to Netherland, so I can’t say it is true or false. But if it is true it only means that these guys really have money to purchase his collections and second, if he is your grandfather, I am sure he sure does have the right taste and he rocks!

BMWM6  (7) posted on 05.9.2009

no way, this is a late april fools joke

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