Does the southwest U.S. not like Ferraris? Yesterday a couple of high school kids in Oklahoma City plowed into each other using their coach’s Ferraris, and now a man outside of Dallas, Texas, abandoned his Ferrari on the tracks because he got lost in a drunken stupor.

Jeff Sabold was so intoxicated on early Wednesday morning that he got lost on a set of train tracks and called 911 for help. An approaching train spooks Sabold, and the operator helps him realize that its time to get out of the car (it also may have been stuck on the tracks due to low ground clearance.) Hit the jump to hear Lynn Sabold’s 911 call that also includes the audio of the train winning the battle with his Ferrari.

The victim in this (the Ferrari) has only been identified as from the year 2000 in some reports, and according to the pictures it may look like a 550. Sablod has since been charged with DUI, but in a just world, the Ferrari Club of America would be able to enact the death penalty.

Hit the jump for the 911 call

911 call:

Source: Jalopnik

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cotieman29  (4) posted on 04.6.2009

omg how in the hell can u get stuck on a train track u would have to be drunk off your a$$ i mean come on dude...

cotieman29  (233) posted on 04.6.2009

yea i could tell the hint of sarcasm... i was just agreeing though. and yea but man you have to be pretty drunk to get stuck on a train track.. and if that was my car i’d get out and push the damn thing off the tracks

AK47  (1024) posted on 04.6.2009

It was just a joke. We all have our share of stupid and clueless drunks on the road.

AK47  (4) posted on 04.5.2009

How is Oklahoma in the southwest?

AK47  (233) posted on 04.4.2009

well we’re not really all bad drivers... but there are some really stupid people on the road. i can agree with that. and yes we all drink entirely too much. myself included haha

AK47  (1024) posted on 04.4.2009

Could it also be that Americans drink way too much and are bad drivers?

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