The Ferrari Enzo’s successor - also known as the F70 - was recently caught warming up in the streets outside Maranello. Unfortunately, the sports car was still heavily camouflaged, but you can still get a glance of its aggressive look, which may come from the borrowed design elements from the 458 Italia and FF Berlinetta. Also visible in this video is the FXX-like rear-end. Ferrari has already stated that the supercar’s new design will be based on a "three arc" philosophy: the front arc is the tightest in diameter; the middle one is the largest; and the rear arc is somewhat larger than that in the front and extends rearward until it ends abruptly.

The future Ferrari F70 is rumored to get a 7.3-liter V12 engine combined with the company’s HY-KERS system for a total output of 1000 HP. Of course, these are just speculative numbers, but we can be sure that the end result will be just as dynamic as rumors are stating.

More details on the new Ferrari Enzo will be unveiled soon, so stay tuned!


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