We support the rationale that a Enzo shouldn’t just be left out to collect dust in a garage because its owner decided that it’s too expensive to be taken out on the road.

We’re all for giving the Enzo some serious burn, but not on this level.

Whoever owns this particular Enzo either has a lot of money on his hands for repairs, hence the "TAXTHRICH" vanity plate, or he’s just certifiably nuts.

Granted, he agrees with us and has no problem giving the Enzo some runs on the road, but to turn it into a rally car and drift the heck out of it in gravel and muddy waters?

Now that’s just taking it too far. Imagine having to see some chipped paint on your multi-million-dollar supercar because some rocks and gravel got a little too close to it? That’s gonna cost a lot in repairs, buddy.

Then again, it’s his car and he’s free to do whatever he wants to do with it. And we thank him (or her) for the fine video of this thrashing.


Source: YouTube - TaxTheRich100

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  (548) posted on 04.16.2013

I like the classic music in the video as a background music. Perhaps the car owner just want to prove how powerful his Ferrari Enzo can be on the road.

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