Video: Ferrari F1 V10 vs. V12 at Fiorano Gallery

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  • Video: Ferrari F1 V10 vs. V12 at Fiorano
    Ferrari F1 V10 vs V12 EPIC Sounds!

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    It has been a truly awesome moment for me to film the Ferrari F2005 F1 screaming around Fiorano. As the car came back to the pitlane, an epic 412t2 F1 went on the track, it was unbelievable to hear in the same day the glorious V12 and V10 noises of the good old F1. Which is the sound you like most? Feel free to leave a comment below, be sure to turn up the speakers and enjoy the incredible accelerations and downshifts.

    Technical data - 2005 Ferrari F2005 Formula 1

    Engine - 3.0L V10 with 940hp
    Curb weight - 605kg
    Drivers - Michael Schumacher, Rubens Barrichello

    Technical data - 1995 Ferrari 412t2 Formula 1

    Engine - 3.0L V12 with 700hp - last V12 Ferrari F1
    Curb weight - 595kg
    Drivers - Jean Alesi, Gerhard Berger

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