Video: Ferrari F12berlinetta Takes on an Airbus A320 for Charity Gallery

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  • Video: Ferrari F12berlinetta Takes on an Airbus A320 for Charity
    Air Malta A320 vs Ferrari F12 Berlinetta - Paqpali Ghall-Istrina 2012

    This video features the race held on the 9th December 2012 at the Malta International Airport between an Air Malta Airbus A320 (9H-AEN) and a Ferrari F12 Berlinetta for the annual Paqpali Ghall-Istrina charity fund raising event.

    Notwithstanding the adverse weather conditions the Maltese public flocked in hundreds to the event in a true show of solidarity! The total massive sum of Euro 178,820 was collected during the event which also featured the presence of international racing champion Lewis Hamilton.

    The Ferrari was driven by Christopher Sultana whereas the Airbus was captained by Patrick Calleja, assisted by Mark Attard and supervised by Alan Farrugia.

    The featured external video footage is courtesy of RGB Television Productions and the photographs courtesy of William Attard McCarthy.

    Thanks goes also to the brains behind the event, namely Tonio Darmanin of Paqpali; Duncan Barbaro Sant of Alberta; Robert Sant and his team at the MATS; and Robert Mizzi of MIA. Last but not least thanks to all the Air Malta team which made this event possible, including Stephen Gauci, Moira Magro, John Vella and the Ground Operations Team, Mark Micallef Eynaud and the Flight Operations Team, Stefan Grech and the Engineering Team, and for high management for granting permission for the race!

    "Air Malta 1... Cleared for the race!... Cleared for takeoff!!"