You’re going to have to excuse those people who think that the sounds of revving engines are nothing more than just noise. It’s not their fault that they can’t appreciate what we consider as music to our ears. After all, musical taste is subjective and for us car enthusiasts, the sound of a roaring engine is enough to put us on a catatonic state of euphoria.

Take these two videos for example. The folks over at iCar decided to take two pretty powerful cars for a nice and friendly revving duel. On one video, we have a Heffner Performance-powered Ford GT and on the other have a Ferrari F430 Spider.

Check both videos out and see which machine gives you more goosebumps.

Ferrari F430 video after the jump

Source: YouTube

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  (334) posted on 03.7.2011

Another car that was defeated by the Ford GT. Let’s just see this year because rules has been changed on Fia GT3 Brazil to make things harder on GT.

  (555) posted on 02.7.2010

Don’t you just love the sounds of hot cars reving it up. Well the duel doesn’t really seem to be a competition. It would rather be interesting if they would be heads up on something else like a circuit and drag race .

  (798) posted on 02.7.2010

well both cars are great, you don’t need to have an audio system to this monster, because it’s engine sound is like music to my ears.

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