You don’t have to be a Ferrari fanboy to know that Maranello builds some of the most exciting sports cars you can buy nowadays. The Italians have been doing that for more than half a century and although the company’s approach changed lately, Ferrari remains the strongest automobile brand. Although I’m not particularly impressed by Marranello’s current design language, I must admit the F12berlinetta reminds me of Ferrari’s classic GTs. That’s a good thing in my book and just when I thought it doesn’t get better than this, Ferrari made a move that left me standing in awe for several minutes: it unveiled the F60America.

For those of you who missed our review, the F60America is a limited-edition, custom, drop-top version of the F12berlinetta. The roadster was built to celebrate 60 years since Ferrari crossed the pond to the U.S., and, more importantly, it’s downright gorgeous. The revised bumper, the new front fender crease and the missing roof make the F60America an instant classic. Remember the 1961 250 GT California? Yeah, that classic! I was a bit pessimistic when Ferrari announced a 60th Anniversary model for the U.S., and boy was I wrong. My apologies to the Italians, they did a great job.

But enough with the drooling, at least on my part. I just dropped by to show the first video footage of the F60America. Ferrari didn’t bother releasing too many photos of its blue-painted wonder, and Shmee’s video comes just in time to quench our thirst for sexy body lines and sheer perfection. Check it out above, it provides some great angles and a couple of details that aren’t visible in the preliminary photos.


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