Video: Ferrari FXX smashes Top Gear record

Just before Michael Schumacher took off his white helmet and exposed himself as the Stig on the BBC television show Top Gear, he set a new speed record around the Top Gear test track in his personal Ferrari FXX. The racing spec super car gets an additional 150 HP over the standard model and takes advantage of lightweight materials to carry speed through the turns so it can hit it’s top speed of 217 MPH when it hits the straight away.

The previous record was held by the Gumpert Apollo, some 6.5 seconds slower. As nice as the factory tuned racing version of the Enzo is, personally we can’t wait for the 599XX based on the GTB Fiorano of a similar numerical nature.


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  (12) posted on 06.23.2009

But the caparo T1 went qucker by a few 100ths of a second, and that is road legal, and had road legal tires, not racing ones on...
surely that is more of an achivement?

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