If you had the chance to own one of the 499 Ferrari LaFerraris that have been built, what is one of the first things you would do with it. If you guessed “flog it on a track” you are correct! Congratulations.

Thankfully one enterprising owner thought the same thing, and he was even kind enough to film it. What we get is a few quick laps around the legendary Monza track during a track day. The driver makes quick work of everything that he comes up against. From small hot hatches like Golf GTIs to full blown 911s, everything is immediately left looking at taillights. Toward the end of the video he even comes across another LaFerrari, and he proceeds to pass that as well.

There are plenty of smiles, exhaust roar and even a bit of tail-out action. Click that play button and enjoy a bit of exotica today. As a fun bonus game, try to count how many cars he passed, and leave your answer in the comments below.


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