Ferrari’s new LaFerrari. is already the most powerful road Ferrari ever built, thanks to a hybrid engine that combines to produce an incredible 963 horsepower. With so much power, many people have wondered how Ferrari could ever top it.

But over the past few months, spy photos and spy videos of a "LaFerrari XX" have been captured, showing a track-focused supercar undergoing some serious test runs. One video even captured the LaFerrari XX in a test run that went a little too hard, breaking its suspensiosn and nearly losing a wheel.

Recently, a new video of the LaFerrari XX was spotted, and while it lacked the drama of suspension damage, this one perfectly captures the piercing sound of that engine.

The acoustics are downright incredible and borderline insane. Even when the LaFerrari XX was at a distance far removed from the camera, you could still hear it’s engine unleash the fury of Ferrari engineering at its finest.

Here’s a tip: watch this video with the volume turned up. You’ll appreciate it a whole lot more.


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