There are a few truly lucky people on the face of this earth; New York Hedge Fund manager Jim Glicknehaus is definitely one of them. He is such a big fan of the Ferrari 330 P3/4 racecars, that he shipped his Enzo back to Italy for a $4 Million makeover.

The complete overhaul of the 650 HP super car included a restyled body by Pininfarina, a new set of 20 inch rims and an interior picked out by his wife and daughter. The Italian automaker liked the 330 inspired Enzo so much, that they made it an official member of the prancing horse family.


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  (177) posted on 05.25.2009

I’d like to refer him as the luckiest guy alive! Being owner of the rarest cars ever. Most of which is Ferrari. Its no wonder that he’d spend over $4M for a car makeover.

  (421) posted on 05.24.2009

What? He restyled his Enzo for a P3/4. Well I can’t blame him, 330 model is a a vintage in its own right

BMWM6  (488) posted on 05.24.2009

I would keep the enzo the way it is

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