After months of research, development, testing, and even more testing, James Glickenhaus’ Ferrari P4/5 Competizione is nearing its final stages as it prepares the finishing preparations for the 24 Hours of Nurburgring.

The car, which captured our attentions late last year, has undergone what can be considered a half-year’s worth of preparations and for our part, we’ve taken to meticulous lengths to give you any and all updates the team comes out with.

But now that the 24 Hours of Nurburgring is coming up at the end of the month - its scheduled for June 25 and 26 - all the preparations are finally coming to a head. So with just over 10 days remaining, the Glickenhaus team has unveiled the latest and maybe last set of updates of the P4/5 Competizione.

It’s a set of five videos that you can watch after the jump, giving us the first behind-the-scenes look at the development and testing of the car leading up to Nurburgring. Don’t expect any heart-pounding action with these videos, just a lot of mechanics working extra hard to give the car the best possible chance of competing at the Nurburgring.

Check out more of the vids after the jump.

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

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  (683) posted on 07.25.2011

The car look so sporty and it has an amazing speed as well. I have seen the car perform in the Nurburgring and I think not only me but also the crowd was impressed with the speed performance of the car.

  (677) posted on 07.25.2011

It took a year before the tam creative have completed the Ferrari P4/5 Competizione. Well, I have seen the car debut in the Nurburgring and it I would say that it really cached the attention of the crowd.

  (442) posted on 06.24.2011

I hope this site will going to feature more about the Nurburgring event. I am excited to see my favorite sportscar on this show. Thinking of what surprises stored on this season.

  (359) posted on 06.21.2011

This baby is definitely the one that I would be looking forward to for the Nurburgring Race. And with the way that it is performing now, I wouldn’t be surprised if it takes any of the top places.

  (488) posted on 06.17.2011

Hurry Guys! You must able to beat those competitors! Anyways, few days to go and it’ll be a wonderful show at Nurburgring. I hope I can able to catch the latest updates online.

  (378) posted on 06.17.2011

Hey, this one is going against the LFA. I would say that that one would really be an interesting matchup. It is really good to see that there is a lot in stored for this year.

  (858) posted on 06.17.2011

Well, since we have already seen how this one has performed in the L Mans race, we all probably have a good idea of how it would do in Nurburgring. But I would still want to see it in action the second time around.

  (762) posted on 06.16.2011

Again, a super car from Ferrari. There’s no doubt that it would hit all around the globe when they release it. Ferrari indeed has lots of things in mind when it comes to making cars.

  (453) posted on 06.16.2011

As always, I am really amazed whenever I see the P4/5. I just can’t he;p but marvel at the amount of work that they have put into this one, especially on the performance aspect.

  (518) posted on 06.16.2011

Well, as expected on this car, it has an impressive power output that makes it a wonderful choice for sportscar! I wonder on what would be the final performance.

  (807) posted on 06.16.2011

Hmm. I thought this car is already done when we saw its appearance during the 24 Hours Le Mans. Well, I have seen on how powerful is this car, I bet it performs like a rocket in the track!

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