The 24 Hours of LeMons is finally upon us. Well, it’s actually been quietly crossing the nation since it kicked off on March 16th at Carolina Motorsports Park, but this is the first cool thing we have seen from it thus far.

One of the key rules of the LeMons circuit is that the car must not cost you more than $500 total, which includes buying and fixing your heap-of-choice – sans safety stuff, of course. Well, the last thing you would ever expect to see in this group of barely running rust buckets is a Ferrari P4/5, right?

Well, get that irony train rolling, as that is exactly what was there. No, no one managed to bamboozle some rich dude into selling a P4/5 for $500; this was just Jim Glickenhaus heading up the field at the Monticello, New York race that took place on April 6th and 7th.

You can check out the above video, which is shot from the pace truck, to see this $4 million one-off prancing horse leading a pack of rundown jalopies. As an added bonus, if you watch the whole video, you also get to see the pace truck haul the first casualty – a mid-1980s Dodge Charger – of off the track.

One more video after the jump.

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