We all know that the LaFerrari is one of the sexiest hybrid supercars available now, but it looks like the Italiam automaker has something else up its sleeve.

A very strange LaFerrari mule was caught testing at the Fiorano racetrack. We say strange because it did not have the exhaust note of a a normal LaFerrari. It sounded a lot more like the note from the turbocharged V-6 engine that we will see in Formula 1 next year.

We are not too sure why Ferrari would test an F1 engine in the LaFerrari, but we’re sure some light will be shined on the topic soon enough. Our best guess is that the mule has an easy way of swapping the drivetrain out, which would have made initial drivetrain testing easier, so Ferrari is using the old LaFerrari mule as a tester for its new F1 engine, given it can easily install and remove the drivetrain. Then again, we are just speculating on that.


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