We’ve been featuring a number of videos here involving radio-controlled vehicles over the past few days and now we have another one, this time a highly-convincing group of rally cars, including a Subaru Impreza WRX, that takes off-road, radio-controlled mayhem to a new level.

We have to admit that the cars looked authentic enough to pass of as real rally cars; that is until you realize that their body panels shaked and rattled at the slightest movement, which, last time we checked, isn’t realy a particularly good sign for a top-end rally car. That and those enormous-looking dried-up leaves, relative to the size o the cars of course.

Once you get passed the stage of confusion and fully come to realiz that these are radio-controlled rally cars, then that’s when the fun begins. From porfessional tracks, dirt ramps, and all those sand drifts, this video would definitely make you want to grab your keys, head off to the nearest Toys ’R Us, and scoop up one of the bad boys.

Check it out.


Source: YouTube

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  (247) posted on 10.11.2010

Sounds like a LOT of fun! Glad to see you did so well in the Genesis, too, it must have been encouraging.

  (512) posted on 10.6.2010

Yeah, I think that’s probably a testament to driver experience or game plan at least. Maybe the exotics were more concerned about getting their paint chipped than winning and just wanted an excuse to have a fun drive.

  (676) posted on 09.24.2010

Something tells me Detroit is pretty lenient when it comes to vehicle safety inspections?

  (329) posted on 08.4.2010

Ya, what a great video. I really enjoy watching the slow motion.

  (1022) posted on 04.12.2010

Impressive movie! I’m pretty sure that they are using a tamia scaled racing car. I really love this hobby before airsoft, the problem with it is the after market parts price is too high.

  (1332) posted on 04.11.2010

RC rally car is much more fun than the Chopper RC. I’ve already tried the RC my car - the Tamiya Team-Losy, quite fun but expensive due to aftermarket parts.

  (5) posted on 04.8.2010

ppl needs to calm down w the slow mo, its cool but if you use it too much it gets old.... cool vid tho.

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