Metropolitan cities are fast becoming scenes of some impressive rallying action. Whether its on races or the usual number of promotional events, big cities like New York and San Francisco have played host to these awesome events.

Well, Detroit felt a little left out of all the fun, so in an attempt to bring the Global RallyCross series inside its area code, the city decided to try out one of those promotional rally stunts right at the heart of the city.

The car of choice is the Ford Fiesta ST GTC, which has gained quite a reputation in the rally series as a dominant force, helping manufacturer Ford gain sole possession of the manufacturers’ standings.

If you’re from Detroit, you might recognize some of the sights where the Fiesta ST does its rally business. If you’re not from Detroit, don’t be too dismayed because you’re more likely to enjoy the Fiesta ST than try to see where in the city it’s going.

Either way, the video is a must watch for all rally aficionados. Heck, if you’re not one, this video just might be what converts you into one.

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Ford Fiesta ST GRC

2013 Ford Fiesta ST GRC Exterior
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First introduced earlier this year as Ford’s official rally racer for the 2013 Global RallyCross season, the Fiesta ST GRC was actually built in collaboration between Ford Racing and OlsbergsMSE.

It’s obviously based on the new Fiesta ST production car that’s soon to be on sale. Merely look at the rally car and you’ll immediately notice that the car comes with a pretty aggressive aerodynamic kit, with large front and rear bumper and a pretty impressive rear wing. Likewise, the interior has been specially designed for rally racing purposes and includes a role cage and of course, racing seats.

Source: Ford Racing TV

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