The Ford Focus ST, yes, that hot little hatch that we’ve been drooling about, was the focus – no pun intended – of a drive-around video made by the Blue Oval’s Europe division to promote the new car.

The video looks to have been done professionally with the artistic shots coupled with the electric beats complementing the pure awesomeness of the Focus ST’s Tangerine Scream paint job that seems to glisten in the presence of the sun.

If there’s one little detail that we think Ford should have added, at the very least, is that they let us listen to the sound of that 2.0-liter Ecoboost engine it’s supposed to come in. Really, it’s not too much to ask, right?

When you have a Focus that packs in 247 horsepower, you’re going to want to listen to that power-packed engine, which, unfortunately, the makers of this video, neglected to even consider.

Give it a watch; it’s still cool enough to use up a minute of your life.


Source: Ford of Europe

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  (807) posted on 10.18.2010

I really have no idea why Ford treats her huge American fan base and market with such contempt.

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