Have you ever wondered which of these two iconic American vehicles is better? Insideline made quite a drive-test and compared the Dodge Challenger with the Ford Mustang Bullit Edition. We won’t tell you who is the winner. Watch the video and find out!


Source: insideline

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  (233) posted on 05.19.2008

or maybe a base corvette... they have a similar price and power output

  (233) posted on 05.16.2008

yea i guess... i’m just saying bc of hp and price differences... wouldn’t it make more sense to compare the challenger to a shelby gt500 or something... well idk then that would be a higher price than the challenger by about 8k but oh well.

i was just making an observation

nothing meant by it

  (233) posted on 05.16.2008

doesn’t the challenger have 110 more hp than the mustang bullit edition...

thats hardly a fair competition but hey whatever

  (1) posted on 05.15.2008

As you can tell by my user name, you know where my heart lies. But as far as a Chevrolet competing against a thorobred such as the Mustang and the Challenger. They were no competition in the old days, can see that much could have changed. I am with you though, would love to see the outcome. And as for the Challenger - Mustang competition, ask any thorobred mopar man and he will tell you aint nothing but to have good respect for a Ford.

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