The Experimental Aircraft Association’s Gathering of Eagles charity auction is fast becoming a yearly affair for an iconic American car.

A year ago, Ford’s Mustang AV8R became one of the most sought-after items at the EAA auction, where it was sold for a whopping $500,000. Taking in the success of the limited edition AV8R at the event, Ford is back for this year’s EAA Gathering of Eagles with a new factory-produced, aviation-themed Mustang, which it so aptly called the AV-X10.

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The AVX-10, which incidentally, is the one and only piece that Ford made for this occasion, comes with a star-and-bar emblazoned glass roof, GT500 19” wheels, a GT500 rear spoiler, and a GT500 lower rear fascia. If that isn’t enough, the car’s exterior paint was inspired by a legitimate World War II fighter plane, with an orange trim and a white ‘AV-X10’ tail stripe. The car even has an orange ‘propeller tip’ on the wheel trims to make it look like a fighter plane on wheels.

Aesthetically speaking, the AV-X10 is a sight to behold. But the unique paint is just the tip of the iceberg. The car also comes with a 4.6L V8 engine that has been tinkered with and modified with a 550-horsepower supercharger kit that’s straight out of the Ford Racing Performance platform. In addition to the modified engine, the AV-X10 also boasts of an upgraded FR500S exhaust and a FRPP’s Handling Pack, giving the one-off Mustang a complete package of speed and power all rolled into one.

The car’s interior has also been fitted with a number of specifications including a short-throw shifter, illuminated AV-X10 sill plates, unique aircraft-themed instrumentation, custom bomber-jacket leather, and a special aluminum dash pattern that also houses the engine start button.

The car, of course, is up for auction and just like last year’s AV8R, the AV-X10 is expected to see a lot of bids and a lot of action at this year’s Gathering of Eagles charity auction.

Source: Mustang Blog

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