Video: Ford’s ’10 Unleashed Trailer

Ford started by asking the question: How would you unleash your Mustang side if nothing were holding you back? Since then we have gone to Japan to drift the 2010 pony car at the famed Ebisu Circuit, the blue oval handed the keys of a drop top over to a blind man giving him a chance to get back behind the wheel after 20 years of being sidelined. There has been a knock down drag out grudge match drag race between student and teacher, a father and son were granted one last ride, we went rally racing, there was someMustang inspired body art and we even saw the 2010 car tear it up on the streets of LA. But they all culminate this coming monday December 14th when the final installment of the ’10 Unleashed video series, Mustang Spellbinder a feature that promises to deliver combining lots of tire smoke with some slight of hand trickery to bring this sensational series of shorts to a close.


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  (815) posted on 01.11.2010

Well, I already saw that official video of that Mustang Spellbinder and I really gave it props coz’ you will see a lot from that video and really put the Mustang on the verge of being the superstar among the supercars that I know that I’m bias on saying that.

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