Daddy always told us that tailgating is always a bad idea., but in the high-speed world of Formula One 2, such precautions are usually thrown out the window. When racing against cars at blistering speeds, there’s really no room for error given that the slightest misstep often has disastrous results.

Watch this video of a recent Formula 2 race in Marrakech and wait until the 1:13 mark for some pretty crazy fireworks. Note that we don’t encourage this type of driving on the road – actually, we highly recommend that you don’t get yourself involved in something like this even if you’re racing Formula 2. Nevertheless, crashes like this come with the territory and the best we can hope for is that nobody ends up getting seriously hurt.

Fortunately, none of the drivers involved in the crash suffered anything more than a couple of bumps and bruises here and there. That, in itself, was a miraculous feat considering this crash looked far worse than anyone of us could have ever imagined.


Source: Formula 2

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