Parallel parking takes a good amount of skill, even for the most experienced of drivers. It takes an even greater amount of skill when you can do it through drifting. Add those two elements together with a world record of pulling off the world’s tightest parallel parking and you have German driver, Ronny Wechselberger.

The man known as "Ronny C-Rock" managed to pull off the remarkable feat when he successfully slid his Volkswagen Polo into a parallel space that measured just 26 cm longer than his vehicle. Pretty cool stuff. The Guinness World Records was on hand for the attempt back in April and only released the video yesterday, but unfortunately for Ronny C-Rock, his name on the record books was rather short-lived.

A few weeks ago, Chinese driver, Zhang Hua, toppled Ronny’s three-month old record when he managed to squeeze his ride into a space that was just 24 cm longer than his car. Guinness has yet to release the video of the new record, but has promised to do so later in the year.

So while we wait to see how Hua was able to break the record for tightest parallel park, we can watch Ronny C-Rock’s record event back in April and give some props to the man for his remarkable achievement, even if his run atop the record books was shorter than he would have hoped.


Source: Guinness World Records

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  (528) posted on 08.9.2011

Wew. Almost. What a drift man! It is hard to have a new record in Parallel parking, but still he made it. I wonder what will happen next if he was able to hit the other car. Thank God he did not.

  (287) posted on 08.9.2011

I agree that it’s really too close for him to bump the next car. However, with the impressive talent of this dude he perfectly slid the car in the space provided for the vehicle. I would say that parallel driving is quite a diffident technique it surely needs an extensive practice in order to master.

  (398) posted on 08.9.2011

Wow! That’s the most impressive parallel driving that I have seen. I can see on how he smoothly slid the car into the narrow space between the two cars in both sides. The 24 cm distance is just too close that it might hit hard the preceding vehicle. Well, no wonder why Ronny got this prestigious Guinness record.

  (314) posted on 08.8.2011

Wow. That was close. That was a tough thing to do. Well, he was really amazing. He almost hit the car but not quite. About 24 cm is the distance left between the other car and his. Congratulations for winning the new record.

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