The Detroit Auto Show brought us both the announcement new 2017 Ford GT and Forza Motorsports 6, and it was glorious. The announcements came together as the Ford GT is going to be the hero car of the new Xbox One racing game, and it will appear on the box art. The Ford GT is more than a simple model for the front of the game as Ford and Turn 10 studios are working together to make sure the Ford GT in the game is as accurate as possible to real life.

Part of that collaboration means exclusive access to the car and its design team. This was shown today with a new video from Turn 10 and Microsoft that goes in depth into the design and creation of Dearborn’s newest supercar. The video features interview footage of several of the key people involved in bringing this carbon-fiber supercar to life, and it gives you an idea of just how passionate and dedicated they are to their craft. It’s a great watch.

Plus it gives you a really nice and really close look at all the interesting and subtle details that make this car special and unique. I think I need to go watch it again, actually.

2017 Ford GT

2017 Ford GT Exterior
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Last week, Forza and Ford rocked the gaming and automotive worlds with the ultimate one-two punch: the announcements of Forza Motorsport 6 and the all-new Ford GT, both of which were unveiled at the North American International Auto Show. This pair of announcements comes at an auspicious time; 2015 marks the ten-year anniversary of the Forza Motorsport series and, next year, Ford will celebrate the 50th anniversary of its win at Le Mans, where Ford GT cars finished in first, second, and third position – a feat that has since become the stuff of motorsports legends.

This world-exclusive video will take you behind the scenes of the all-new Ford GT. You’ll hear from the Ford designers and engineers as they discuss the inspirations for the GT, and you’ll learn about the decisions that earned the team this year’s prestigious EyesOn Design prize, the official design award for the North American International Auto Show.

In addition, you’ll hear how the partnership between Ford and Forza Motorsport will let a brand new audience of car fans experience the Ford GT for the very first time in Forza Motorsport 6.

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