Video: Going back in time with the Lexus LF-A supercar

One of the things automakers seek when they build a supercar is to see that car become a conversation piece everywhere it goes. In the case of the Lexus LF-A, the road towards becoming one of the world’s most talked about supercars began in the mind of Haruhiro Tanahashi, the man that became car’s official program head, and ended becoming one of the most important projects Lexus has done in its history.

In the years of development of the LF-A, one that took the better part of ten years to build, the project has undergone so many twists and turns it could have easily been a different supercar from what Lexus unveiled a few years ago.

For one, the LF-A was first designed with an all-aluminum chassis in mind but was later changed to carry 65 percent carbon fiber and 35 percent aluminum. The final version of the LF-A also comes with a central cockpit that’s made out of the former while the latter is likewise represented by front and rear subframes made out of aluminum.

In the end, the final version of the Lexus LF-A speaks for itself. For a car that took a long time to develop, it ended up becoming the kind of supercar Lexus always wanted it to be.


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