Polyphony Digital’s Gran Turismo has always been at the forefront of video game realism when it comes to how the virtual machines are able to go, turn and stop like their production versions; however there has always been one thing that the Play Station based automobiles wouldn’t ever do was take a hit like the real thing. So when Kazunori Yamauchi set out to create the fifth installment of the Gran Turismo franchise he vowed that this version would finally include crash damage as we can see by the poor display of finesse by the person holding the controller of this rally preppedSTi. By the looks of things, despite the drastic change in the car’s aerodynamics hasn’t affected the car’s speed so much as the poor driving.


Source: GT Planet

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  (939) posted on 02.15.2010

ah dang... I’m really craving to the new GT-5 I’ve been waiting for so long for it’s release, oh well i guess it’s a worth to wait.

  (780) posted on 02.10.2010

That is a very sweet detail. Suddenly I felt a rush of excitement as this seems a really cool additional stuff to the game, but the question remains still, when are they going to release it?

  (815) posted on 12.14.2009

Finally Polyphony included Crash damage to GT 5. I’ve been waiting for this one, I’m bored with GT 4 V spec. I really like it to be more realistic like the NFS ProStreet.

  (183) posted on 08.20.2009

I don’t know if they did this intentionally but it seems to me that even in racing games, its always the Mitsubishi Evo who would win. I guess that’s enough for me.

  (180) posted on 08.20.2009

When I saw the Impreza crashed, I thought that it would stop right then and there. But I can see that it did not affect the performance of the player. It would have done better if the performance was affected due to the crash since we could assume that the driver cannot see anymore. Anyway, there’s always the next GT series.

  (177) posted on 08.20.2009

Gran Turismo is the best racing game ever produced. It literally means Grand Tourer in both Italian and Spanish language. It could have probably sold millions if not billions for being one of the highly acclaimed series of racing games. For every upgrade in my Playstation, I never forget to update my GT series.

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