If there were any awards for best video game teasers, GRID 2’s latest release would be a contender.

Veering away from the tried and tested method of action spliced with fast-paced music, the new GRID 2 teaser takes a much more calculated approach, introducing us to "racing visionary" Patrick Callahan.

In the teaser, Callahan outlines his plans for a new motorsports series and introduces players to two key racing clubs where he needs drivers to be a part of. He then goes on by saying that his intention is to bring some of the best drivers in the world to compete in one league to claim the title of the best driver in the galaxy. Ok, maybe just the world, but you get the picture.

The teaser also gives us a brief glimpse of some new tracks that you’ll see in the game, including Street Racing in Chicago, Track Racing at the legendary Indianapolis Motor Speedway and Road Racing at the dramatic California Coast.

Combining both elements to make a pretty interesting teaser isn’t an easy task. But GRID 2 accomplishes it by taking a more cinematic approach with the usual dramatic dialogue. In the end, we’re definitely intrigued and looking forward to see how the game stacks up against the competition.


Source: YouTube - GridGame

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  (548) posted on 04.11.2013

I love video games and I already played racing game before. Perhaps there will be more avid video game players who will enjoy this game but I am skeptic if it is going to surpass the popular racing games in the past. But the special effects look really good.

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