Block is back, baby, and he’s crazier than ever, so prepare your eyeballs and your ear holes for the best energy drink advertisement you’ve ever witnessed. Earlier this month, we got a taste of the madness in store when the Ford rally driver brought his “Hoonicorn” 1965 Mustang all-wheel-drive smoke maker to SEMA. Our minds were instantly scrambled, and now we’re in full-tilt brain soufflé as we watch the beast lay rubber on the streets of Los Angeles in Block’s seventh gymkhana video.

The video is masterfully choreographed and edited, with a real sense of drama beyond what one would normally expect from a set of wild stunts. All the major Southland hotspots receive a cameo, like the LA River, Randy’s Donuts, and the Hollywood sign, plus there are copious rips up and down the spaghetti-like freeway system. When it comes to the right city for a video like this, it doesn’t get much righter than Los Angeles.

Regarding the Hoonicorn: underneath foot-tall velocity stacks, you’ll find an 845-horsepower Roush Yates V-8 that makes all four 10.5-inch-wide Pirelli Trofeo R tires burn via a Sadev 6-speed sequential transmission. There’s also the requisite hydraulic handbrake for instant rear wheel lock-up. The crazy-wide bodywork and aero are carbon fiber, and underneath, the suspension has seen a custom geometry redesign to maximize controllability whist mid-hoon.

Plug in your headphones, and set the video to HD. Please remain seated, as the cabin may experience some turbulence in flight. Oh boy, this gunn’ be good.

1965 Ford Mustang Gymkhana Seven by Ken Block

1965 Ford Mustang Gymkhana 7 By Ken Block Exterior
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I think Ken Block has officially gone nuts, and this is the glorious monster that his insanity spawned.
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