You’ve probably heard of the expression ’hair-raising event’ before but none of it takes it to a literal level quite like what you’re about to see in this video.

In the world of insanely souped-up car stereos, you won’t find anything that can compare to the kind of sound system this custom car has inside. It’s got so much bass - 24,000 watts worth, to be exact - that the lovely young lady sitting inside is getting her hair blown off as if she was inside some sort of wind tunnel.

We can’t figure out why someone would put this kind of sound system on their car; unless of course their ears are made from some pretty sturdy stuff or they just enjoy the tremorous vibrations that a 24,000-watt car stereo comes with.

Either way, we don’t advise anyone from even remotely considering installing something like this on their car. You not only risk the possibility of going deaf, but you’re also not doing those around you any favors by having a simulated earthquake on wheels.


Source: YouTube

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  (798) posted on 12.19.2010

what the hell was that? what will you do with that kind of stereo? with that kind of Watts it might break your glasses, even you concentration in driving might lost.

  (1332) posted on 12.15.2010

wow that was so loud.. but I will neve use this baby on the road.. I might catch an accident with this kind of stereo.

  (274) posted on 08.15.2010

That cute girl just got her hair pumped out, haha outrageous loud speakers

  (274) posted on 05.6.2010

That’s a cool custom stereo but I think that kind of sounds can cause death while on driving.

  (612) posted on 04.20.2010

Yes, with that kind of stereo watts, driving it would be a suicidal. Loud music can make your ears bleed

  (367) posted on 04.18.2010

Though this car is superbly costumed, the sound system of the car can bring the owner of the some hearing disorders, if they make their sounds too loud.

  (708) posted on 04.14.2010

I wonder how many Amplifiers they used here just to achieve that kind of Power Punch Base.

  (428) posted on 04.13.2010

So what is the model of the car they used?

  (765) posted on 04.13.2010

Lovely custom stereo but I like the Girl more than the car. I like her facial expression and specially her smile.

  (518) posted on 04.12.2010

I agree! What will you do with this kind of stereo? This is only good for auto show and not on the road.

  (238) posted on 04.12.2010

I love my music and whole system, but this is a little much. A waste in my opinion.

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