Hennessey Performance Engineering already has big plans for the Camaro, so it’s wasting no time and getting its first Camaro SS out on the track. Watch as it gives its brand new 426 hp beast a thumping, including 0 to 60 mph in 3.9 seconds, and a 11.9 second quarter mile run.


Source: Autoblog

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  (137) posted on 04.25.2009

Mike, Camaro is a muscle car. Usually, drift cars are light to moderate weight rear-wheel-drive coupes and sedans ranging from 200-1000bhp. In Japan and worldwide, the most common drift machines are the Nissan Silvia/180SX/200SX, Toyota AE86, Mazda RX-7, Infiniti G35 Coupe, Nissan A31 Cefiro, Nissan C33 Laurel, Nissan Skyline (RWD versions), Nissan 350Z, Toyota Altezza, Toyota Chaser, Toyota Mark II, Toyota MZ20 Soarer, Honda S2000, Toyota Supra (MKIV), Ford Mustang and Mazda Miata. US drift competitions use the same cars, plus Chrysler LLC’s Dodge Charger, General Motors, Pontiac Solstice, Holden Commodore, and Holden Monaro . Drifters in other countries often use local favorites, such as the Vauxhall Omega(UK and Ireland), BMW 3 Series, Ford Sierra, Volvo 340(other parts of Europe), Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Alfa Romeo 75,

  (116) posted on 04.25.2009

Maybe wecan hate the man Hennessy but not the car. It deserves a good review after this Youtube video.

  (180) posted on 04.25.2009

Since Topspeed is into discussing drifting, I can’t wait to see a Camaro drift. Or would that possible, at all?

  (177) posted on 04.25.2009

This spawning concept is not new. A lot have tried it some ended up like a fad some became a name in itself. Remember Shelby spawning mustang...maybe it’s just not easy to take such combination, besides the man behind it still have a reputation to clean up. I hope it a make not a break for the Hennessey.

  (289) posted on 04.25.2009

I watched the video it was very good. I think of Hennessy, I felt awkward. I think of tuned LS9 engine inside a Camaro...I think twice. The feeling is strange. I can’t explain it.

  (183) posted on 04.25.2009

It sure is fast. And since I know that I don’t drive that steady, it’s exactly what I need. I’m so dying to have that one, now.

  (231) posted on 04.25.2009

Autoblog calls it as the bastard love child of Camaro SS and Corvette ZR1. Mating the standard Camaro body kit with the Vette’s LS9 V8 engine then tuning it up may not be best after all. Some don’t trust J. Hennessey’s reputation. This might end up as Frankenstein’s car.

  (314) posted on 04.25.2009

Hennessy is making a big deal here but we also have to remember the shady past of this guy business. Some says its a crap.

  (318) posted on 04.24.2009

So this is Bumble Bee that rolled in the new Transformer movie... Cool. I love Camaro as I love my Evolution. This Muscle car sure have real muscles to streach on the road.

  (421) posted on 04.24.2009

I watched the video, it was cool and I like the question, what would you do if you have a brand new muscle car...run the 1/4 mile..Although the driver isn’t driving steadily, the car kept its pace very well.

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