The Hennessey Venom GT has its sights set on Las Vegas for the SEMA Motor Show, so we thought we’d share this video as a preview of the amazing treat that is to come.

The Hennessey GT is powered by a 6.2-liter LS9 V8, which is the same used in the Corvette ZR1. There are three configurations of this motor: one with 725 horsepower and 741 pound-feet of torque and the twin-turbocharged version that has 1,000 horsepower or 1,2000 horsepower. That motor is packed into a Lotus body that seems to have been injected with more steroids than a body builder.

We know that this machine is quite a badass, but we never had a chance to really hear it full out. It’s basically a British sports car body with a massive muscle car motor under the hood. How much better can life get and how much louder can a car get?

Check out the video to find out.


Source: YouTube

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  (228) posted on 03.23.2011

I don’t understand why Hennessey keep on using specs from the production. This things happened also for the 2010 Venom. Now i want to question the reliability of this car.

  (206) posted on 11.2.2010


I have heard that. But never from a credible source. It only comes from people writing comments. Never have I seen a magazine article or heard it from a Hennessey client.

I feel if it is such a big problem there would be more real articles on it and they would have been sued and taken court.

  (142) posted on 11.2.2010

Super "Muscle" Car? Sleek!

  (377) posted on 11.1.2010

Hennessey has business practices just as shady, if not more so than Unique, people send their Vipers off and don’t get them back

  (2) posted on 10.31.2010

did you hear that?
WHAT A SOUND !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
louder and harder then american muscles

  (18) posted on 10.31.2010

I must say, that is one extremely badass car. Sounds WICKED, Looks WICKED. Cant wait to see some more!

  (206) posted on 10.31.2010

Probably the best sounding car out right now. And it is extremely badass.

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