The Hennessey Venom GT is a kind of supercar that’s unique to its own. Whereas others of its kind are more of the streamlined, the Venom GT is sleek, curvy and downright poisonous.

All the characteristics that make the Venom GT the supercar that it is were on full display recently during some acceleration testing. We already know that the Venom GT possesses power — 1,244 horsepower — unlike any other, so it figures that when it does some speed tests, you’re going to get some pretty eye-popping results.

But even then, we weren’t prepared for what Hennessey showed us. In the video, we see the Venom GT completely eviscerate a race track, hitting 230 mph in less than 20 seconds. Just to give you some perspective on that gaudy number, the mighty Bugatti Veyron hits 200 mph four seconds slower than it took the Venom GT to hit the 230 mph mark.

That’s pretty humbling if you’re the Veyron. But you’re the Venom GT, that’s just the latest proof that this pocket rocket is a road predator in every sense of the word.


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