The history of the Mercedes G-Class began back in 1979 and thirty four years later, a new generation will be arriving for the 2013 model year. With such a long history backing up this heavy duty utility vehicle, Mercedes has released an informative video in which they explain the history of the G-Class in just 3 minutes.

The G-class was first developed as a military vehicle, but since then, it has become one of the most iconic Mercedes models of all time. The 2013 model will be offered in two standard models - the G 350 BlueTEC and the G500 - and two AMG models - the G63 AMG and the G65 AMG. Check out the video to see the difference between these new models and the original.

In this video, Volker Leutz, Mercedes-Benz Designer, and Michael Bock, the Head of Mercedes-Benz Classic, also discuss the challenges faced when updating the G-Class. Namely, continuously improving the vehicle while remaining true to the original idea.


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