Video: Holiday greetings from Vodafone and Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton, as it turns out, is more than just a decorated F1 race car driver; he’s also an accomplished DJ – sort of.

Vodafone Telecommunications, McLaren Mercedes’ principal sponsor in
Formula One, released a holiday commercial with Lewis Hamilton playing the part of technician/driver/DJ. Using his MP4-18 F1 car and what – at first – looks like an ordinary laptop, Hamilton proceeds to create joyful music out of his car to the tune of a Christmas carol.

We don’t know if Hamilton is really capable of doing something like that in real life, but we did get a kick out of Vodafone’s attempt in wishing all of us a happy holidays.


Source: Vodafone UK

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  (399) posted on 07.14.2011

Well, that F1 car is indeed a nice one. Knowing the fact that it is driven by the famous Lewis Hamilton. Plus it can make sounds haha!

  (50) posted on 12.28.2009

They played God Save the Queen on a F1 engine for Top Gear once. I can’t remember which car/team. It was the episode where Richard Hammond had to learn how hard it was to drive a F1 car.

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