The last time we saw Honda’s latest and greatest supercar, the NSX, on the Nurburgring, it was slowly smoldering and turning into a pile of carbon fiber and ash. Thankfully Honda wasn’t fazed by the fiasco, and has since returned to the Green Hell with a new, and fully functioning NSX prototype, all wrapped in camo.

The car is definitely going through some rigorous suspension testing, and it does look like the test drivers are giving this car a proper thrashing. Each run sounds like its at full throttle, there is plenty of tire squeal, and they even bottom out a few times by hitting the mini carousel at such a high speed. They are going for broke for this and it’s awesome.

The sound is a pretty interesting thing to hear as well. While there is a fair bit of motor noise, you can hear a lot electrical whine from the hybrid system that’s getting a work out too. This is most easily heard when the car is coming in for a turn, and the regen system starts harvesting energy.

As a bonus, there is even just a hint of Jaguar growl in one shot thanks to the NSX being chased by an F-Type. Press play and look at the NSX, driving around the ‘Ring, and not catching fire.


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