Over the weekend, Hot Wheels’ own version of the double-loop record was attempted by stunt driver Greg Tracy and the one-and-only Tanner Foust. You remember Top Gear Live’s version of the double-loop record attempt last month?

Well, Hot Wheels’ has seen their hand and is raising with their own version. The stunt was attempted at the X-Games in Los Angeles, and true to expectations, the attempt was successfully executed.

Greg Tracy hit the double loop first followed shortly by Tanner Foust. Once both drivers successfully completed their double-loop run, they decided to finish with a flurry and do a pedestrian on-ramp jump much to the delight of the fans in attendance.

Check out the video of the attempt and tell us if this attempt was more impressive than the one Top Gear Live pulled off a month ago.

If you haven’t seen it, you can check out the Top Gear stunt after the jump.

Source: X-Games

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  (683) posted on 07.16.2012

It’s unbelievable, but they make it. It’s a great show to watch that video.

  (395) posted on 07.12.2012

I’m impressed most with the Hot Wheels for executing the once thought impossible—the cars running in loops.

  (798) posted on 07.11.2012

Yeah, what kind of engine did they used on TopGear mysterious kart? Hot Wheels made their own version perfectly.

  (630) posted on 07.10.2012

Top Gear is the first to do it, but Hot Wheels made it perfectly by using real cars.

  (553) posted on 07.10.2012

The loops were really like the one from the toy cars. I have fun watching it.

  (474) posted on 07.8.2012

I guess they made it perfectly and the loops were totally cool. Hot Wheels started this on toy cars and now for real. The increasing momentum defies the law of the gravity. I’m impressed with both of TopGear and Hot Wheels show. What cars are used on the execution of the double loop on Hot Wheels?

  (50) posted on 07.1.2012

How is that supposed to be a double loop? It’s a single loop that first one guy does, then the other, followed by a jump. I don’t see how this overshadow’s TG’s actual double loop.

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