Australian man finds red-belly black snake inside the hood of his car

Michael Garbutt found the surprise of his life when he found a note on the windshield of his Mazda that read, “Hi, this afternoon a red Belly slithered up into your front left tire. Please be careful." Sure enough, when he opened the hood of his car, one of Australia’s most dangerous and venomous snakes had taken up residence in the corner of the engine bay.

Hi, this afternoon a red Belly slithered up into your front left tire. Please be careful.

It takes a lot to scare the living daylights out of me, but a venomous one will definitely do the trick. I give props to Michael Garbutt for doing the right thing and calling a local snake wrangler to get the red-bellied black snake out of his career. As he explains it, he went to Google to look up a snake wrangler and found Andrew Melrose from Shire Snake Catchers.

Once Melrose arrived, the snake had already moved down into the engine, making it trickier for him to corral it. It took about an hour, and a number of other slithers from the reptile, but ultimately, Melrose was able to coax it out of the car by gently touching its body. As soon as the snake was out of the car, Melrose grabbed it with his hands and immediately dropped it in a snake bag.

It’s definitely a terrifying ordeal to be involved in, especially if the snake ends up in places you least expect it. According to Melrose, it’s actually common to find snakes in cars because it’s one of the “first places” it finds that looks safe to hide when they get startled. “The place I found it was very bare,” he added. “There was no place for the snake to escape. People would have startled it, and the only place for it to hide was the car. The driver could have driven off unaware and parked, and the snake would have left the car when it felt safe."

Whether that’s the case or not, I’m not the type to enjoy seeing unwanted guests in my car, let alone a snake with lethal venomous bite.


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