Here in the US, we know this car as the Honda Fit, but in other parts of the world, it goes by another moniker; ‘the Honda Jazz’.

In Australia, the Jazz is currently in the middle of a hilarious promotional campaign called ‘Jazz Packing’. It’ hilarious because we watched the set of videos the campaign has released and we couldn’t stop our eyes from getting teary-eyed from all the hysterical laughing.

Basically, the ads were made to show exactly how versatile the Jazz really is. It’s got loads of room on the interior, it’s got 10 cup holders – that’s right, 10! – and it’s a practical ride for just about anybody, even if you’re a bodybuilder, a rapper, a hipster, and, of course, a ninja.

Check out these four hilarious ads and be sure to adhere our warnings that there will be massive loads of skimpy Speedos, “mystical” windows, tied-up pirates, and a reference to Haruki Murakami. We’re not making this stuff up.

More of the hilarity after the jump.

Source: Honda Australia

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  (630) posted on 07.7.2011

haha this commercial especially the ones who made this is truly creative. Leaving the people with a thought in mind that they can pack lots of thing with Honda Jazz.

  (765) posted on 11.9.2010

haha..that was totally hideous commercial

  (257) posted on 10.28.2010

The hipster one looks like they’re on the way to an Apple store.

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