Developing a racecar suitable for Formula 1 competition can be a pretty difficult task, but it looks like for the folks over at Infiniti and Red Bull, it is a piece of cake, as the two companies teamed up and developed a very successful F1 car.

Infiniti and Red Bull prepared a four-part video that helps us understand how they developed such an amazing car, and we have the first part here.

This first video presents the design and development processes of an F1 car, which normally takes up to five months to complete. You will see exclusive interviews with team members and enjoy detailed and artistic footage of the intricate procedure required to develop a racer.

The development is a pretty complex process, and it starts with the design stage, then moves to the development of a 60-percent scale model, numerous wind tunnel tests and finally, the built of the actual car.

Check out the video above to see it for yourself.


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