Video: HRT mechanic gets slammed to the ground by Sakon Yamamoto’s F1 car

Ordinarily, any racing team would always want to have a perfect pit stop. It doesn’t always go according to plan, but for the most part, you take the lumps of botched stops over the possibility of a mechanic getting seriously hurt, especially if the incident could have been totally avoided if not for a minor miscommunication.

In this video taken during the recently-concluded Italian Grand Prix, a mechanic from the HRT team was thrown violently into the ground by driver Sakon Yamamoto’s F1 car after it left the box earlier than it should. In fairness to Yamamoto, it wasn’t entirely his fault because as a driver, the one and only signal he has that he can accelerate comes from the lollipop man, who, unfortunately, signaled for the driver to go when a mechanic was still busy adjusting the car’s radio.

With the green light signal to go, Yamamoto launched his car unaware of the plight of the mechanic fixing his radio and, as a result, the latter was slammed to the ground as Yamamoto was exiting the pits. Fortunately, the mechanic escaped his brush with serious injuries relatively unscathed. Given how strong the impact was of him being thrown to the ground, that dude should definitely count his blessings.


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  (859) posted on 10.5.2010

Toyota won events and championships in WRC, but in no way did it dominate. Dominate would imply that it not only beat the competition, but beat it so bad that it had no chance of making a comeback. Which never happened.

  (745) posted on 09.15.2010

: I think it hurts so bad. It’s true that accidents come unexpectedly.

  (221) posted on 09.13.2010

Ouch! That . Specially the video taken out.

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