Hydrographics is nothing really new, but rarely do we get to see it in action. For the most part, you drop off your rims or other components, come back a few days later to pieces that look like they are brand new. For those of you who have never seen this process, HG Arts — a Barcelona-based company — has released a video showing the process.

Short of giving you a chemistry lesson, this process is completed by laying a polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) film with graphics painted on it into a tub of water and spraying the PVA with a solution that turns it into a bonding liquid that floats on the water. The company then dips your rim, spoiler or whatever other component, into the water. As the component goes deeper into the water, the floating PVA wraps perfectly around the component, adhering the painted graphics to the compoent.

Sure, this technology doesn’t compensate for any damage to the base coat on the rim, but it can take a rather boring rim and spruce it up with a new graphic, like a faux carbon-fiber finish or whatever other graphic you can think of.

Have a look at the above video to see the results.

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