Hybrid vehicles aren’t generally looked at as fast machines capable of break-neck speeds. In truth, hybrids aren’t even marketed as such. Their true calling card is the promise of better fuel economy and improved CO2 emission ratings.

Unless of course you can find a way to marry all three elements the way Infiniti managed to do with the new M35h. Nissan’s luxury division has released a video of their new M35h sedan taking on the equally irrepressible 2012 Porsche Panamera S Hybrid.

Not one to back down from a German challenge for full-on hybrid supremacy, the M35h and the Panamera S Hybrid engaged in a quarter-mile drag race - with surprising results.

Not only did the 360-horsepower M35h complete its time in just 13.4 seconds - impressive for a hybrid! - but it also managed to spank the Panamera S Hybrid by a good second. On top of that, the time is also a marked improvement from their previous record time of 13.9031 seconds, eclipsing the Guinness World Record by a tidy half-a-second.

Check out the video and watch the Infiniti M35h show up the Porsche Panamera S Hybrid.

UPDATE 02/13/12: Infiniti has released a behind-the-scenes look at all the preparation work, setup, and equipment involved in filming the video showing the M35h’s record-breaking acceleration time. It sure looked like it took a lot of complicated equipment just to shoot a video on how the M35h became the fastest accelerating hybrid in the world. Check out how the magic unfolded after the jump!

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  (517) posted on 02.7.2012

I love watching these video. It rules the road. It has the high speed stability. I want to experience riding on these car. This must be the toughest competitor for Lamborghini.

  (530) posted on 01.30.2012

Infiniti deserves the world record for the fastest hybrid car. This will lead to other manufacturers to upgrade their maximum speed of their car.

  (539) posted on 01.25.2012

Infiniti’s M35h breaks a world record on their newest hybrid vehicle. Definitely it was the best to have. It has a great deal on our environment and better fuel consumption.

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