Drive’s ongoing Inside Koenigsegg web series is only on its second episode and yet we feel like we’ve already gotten more than what we bargained for.

Following up on their feature regarding their use of carbon fiber on their supercars, Koenigsegg takes the time in the second episode to discuss another one of their components, the Triplex Suspension system.

As far as the discussion of the system is concerned, the episode was narrated - again - by Koenigsegg founder and CEO Christian Von Koenigsegg, who in turn dives deep into the one-off Agera S supercar to discuss the unique suspension setup that’s been designed to provide versatility whenever the Agera S is on the track or on the road.

It’s another top-quality production from the folks over at Drive and something that is definitely worth seven minutes of your time. So go ahead, fellow motorheads, hit play and watch the video. You’ll be happy you did.


Source: YouTube - Drive

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