We have already learned how a supercar is painted and what the Triplex Suspension system really is. The fourth episode from Drive’s ongoing Inside Koenigsegg web series reveals details on how the interior of the Agera R is produced.

The video focuses heavily on how Koenigsegg builds the supercar’s innovative lighting system called "Ghost light." This system uses invisible nanotubes and billet aluminum buttons that allow them to illuminate and create a stunning lighting effect, thus its ghastly name.

The development process is, once again, explained by Koenigsegg founder, Christian Von Koenigsegg who explains the entire development process, starting with each separate item and ending with the final product which needs to be "really special and unique, and functional of course!" Quite a remarkable and ingenious system, in our opinion.

Watch this video to learn why the interior details of the Agera R gives it a million dollar feel.


Source: YouTube - Drive

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  (548) posted on 04.17.2013

The Agera R looks so cute in reddish color. This car is really special, unique and functional. I am not sure with the Ghost Light. But it sounds impressive with its invisible nanotubes that will illuminate and create lighting effect.

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