In the fourth episode of Drive’s ongoing “Inside Koenigsegg” web series, Christian Von Koenigsegg explained how the interior of the Agera R comes together. Now in the fifth episode, it is time to take the supercar to the racetrack.

This time around, however, Christian Von Koenigsegg takes a little break and the man behind testing and tuning every single Agera R produced, Robert Serwanski, comes into the picture. He takes the Agera R onto the racetrack and pushes it to the limit and back – the perfect prep before delivering an Agera R to its owner.

Before you say his job is pretty easy, keep in mind that he has to turn around and tell Koenigsegg engineers where the car needs to be improved, depending on its responses in certain driving conditions.

This is one of those few jobs that nearly anyone could enjoy. Check out the above video and let us know if you would quit your day job for this one.


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  (548) posted on 04.16.2013

Koenigsegg gives a good preview of the car. And Agera R looks stunning in red and a pretty fast car too. I hope that I could be able to drive one someday.

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