It’s only appropriate that the 8th episode of Drive’s "Inside Koenigsegg" web series touches on the heart of what makes the company revered in the automotive world: the 5-liter V-8 bespoke engine that develops a staggering 1,140 horsepower.

As always, Koenigsegg founder, Christian Von Koenigsegg, is the host of the episode where he goes about and explains the inner workings of what makes this engine such a remarkable powertrain. Whether it’s the bespoke ECU unit, the relative light weight of the engine itself, or its flex-fuel capability, Koenigsegg dives deep into the powertrain and in the end, offers a hint of where the company is trying to venture into next.

See, for all of the esteem and acclaim Koenigsegg supercars have had in years, its founder believes that there are still ways to improve the engine with new technologies, not only to make it more powerful than ever before, but also more fuel efficient.

No reminders to hit play and watch, fellas. All of you probably didn’t reach this far before doing it on your own.


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