Episode 9 of Drive’s "Inside Koenigsegg" web series is the final episode of what has been a comprehensive and highly informative behind-the-scenes look at the Swedish supercar manufacturer.

Koenigsegg founder Christian Von Koenigsegg has played the role of host of the web series and there’s no better person to know about the intricacies of building a car like the Agera R than the man who founded the company.

In this episode, Koenigsegg takes us through the Agera R’s unique transaxle, a necessary technology for the Agera R, considering its mid-engine, rear-drive setup. Diving into the specifics like the authority that he is, Koenigsegg proceeds to explain the inner workings of the supercar’s transaxle. If you don’t know how the whole thing works, this video is a definite must-watch.

In so many words, the ultimate purpose of the Agera R’s transaxle is to enable the supercar to make the most out of every one of those 1,140 ponies while also ensuring that the car’s handling and reliability isn’t compromised.

Ultimately, the technology used in the development of the Agera R is the culmination of ambition meeting ingenuity. It’s mind blowing to think how Koenigsegg was able to build his brand without the resources of rival brands and still come out with a supercar like the Agera R that, in so many words, is truly in a class of its own.

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Source: YouTube - Drive

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  (548) posted on 04.12.2013

I love the exterior’s design of the car. The car looks modern and futuristic. I wish I could have car’s doors like that since it looks so advanced and unusual. And the car looks fast too. It is a good thing that they provide much details of this great car.

  (341) posted on 03.14.2013

I love the host! Seems such a nice guy, a normal guy no matter he has such an exclusivist company.

  (349) posted on 03.14.2013

I don’t know why, but I had the senzation that will be 10 episodes, not 9...

  (346) posted on 03.14.2013

If you wanna be different, go to Sweden and buy yourself a car like thissmiley

  (377) posted on 03.14.2013

I don’t know many things about Koenigsegg but they seem to be pretty good about what are they doing.

  (397) posted on 03.14.2013

Men! I;m so glad to see that you putted here all the episodes cause I lost a few of them smiley

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