Video: Instructor takes an F1 car on a Snow-Covered Lap Around the Nurburgring

At this time of year, snow is definitely a problem in many parts of the world. Some wish they had some, and others wish all of the snow would just melt and disappear. But for some, snow can actually amount to a lot of fun, even behind the wheel of an F1 car, or especially behind the wheel of an F1 car.

Germany is one of the many countries that have seen plenty of snow this winter, and with the entire being blanketed in snow, the Nurburgring was not spared. Chief Instructor of the Nürburgring Driving Academy, Andy Gülden, decided to take full advantage by hopping in a Formula One car and gliding his way to the snow and ice on the Green Hell. He slapped on a different set of tires, strapped on some cameras, and put the pedal to the floor, skillfully gliding around the track.

Enjoy the video and let us know if snow driving doesn’t really look like fun?


Source: Complex

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  (402) posted on 02.22.2012

The video was great and promises a lot of fun, but it is still dangerous to drive on a track like this. However, the instructor was amazing that he at the same time manages to glide and surf through snow.

  (321) posted on 02.20.2012

Where is the video? How will I watch this supposed great video?

  (1) posted on 02.17.2012

sadly you are mistaken in the formula of this car this is a formula bmw not a formula one car get it right people

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