Nothing gets our juices going more than a leather-dressed vixen talking about supercars and actually knowing what she’s talking about. Even better when we’re talking about a Playboy bunny.

That’s why there’s something absolutely magnetic about Irina Olhovskaya, the Russian Playboy bunny and host of a video series from Blond Drive TV. In this latest episode, Olhovskaya gets down and jiggy with Italian exotics at its finest.

In between ogling over Olhovskaya’s Marilyn Monroe-esque looks and trying to understand Russian - don’t worry, there are English subtitles in there - what goes unnoticed is the fact that Olhovskaya actually knows what she’s talking about when she talks about the Lamborghini Gallardo.

We don’t know what’s sexier, the lady or the bull. Can we just call it a tie and say it’s the bull with the lady inside it?

Check out the video and watch Irina Olhovskaya give the low down on the Gallardo like only she can.


Source: Blond Drive TV

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  (1) posted on 10.19.2014

So sexy!!!

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  (714) posted on 09.10.2012

Though she looks pretty and matured, she is lingering hot for me.

  (417) posted on 09.6.2012

She’s definitely and hot and she must be the dream girl of Ferrari.

  (369) posted on 09.6.2012

She’s exotic and she’s too old for this Gallardo. She’s seductive, but not appealing like the natural appearance of the Lamborghini Gallardo.

  (702) posted on 09.5.2012

I don’t know if the exotic here is the car or Irina.

  (570) posted on 09.4.2012

I didn’t know that Lamborghini can be used to our everyday life. I thought it was only made for racing.

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