Well here it is folks, the first video footage from a third party of the Ferrari LaFerrari running around Fiorano in the hands of a journalist.

There are two things to take immediate notice of. One: this thing is incredibly fast. Two: it is easily one of the best sounding Ferraris of all time. This Ferrari makes use of a hybrid drivetrain that features a 6.3-liter V-12 and a pair of electric motors to produce almost 1,000 horsepower. Just like its peers, the Porsche 918 and the McLaren P1, there is absolutely no indication that this thing is running on electricity and petrol simultaneously. All we hear is pure, unadulterated V-12 anger.

Aside from the noise, the video gives a good bit of footage of the interior, and the active rear wing in action. We even get a bit of sideways hoonage. If you wanted details, info or specs, you need to look elsewhere. There is no noise in the video except what comes from the Ferrari, and we think that may be for a very good reason.

Now you may remember that we ran a story about a potential $70,000 fine that comes with leaking information about the LaFerrari early. You may have also noticed that this video has been released just hours before the embargo is lifted.

Now, a couple of things may have happened here. First, Sport Auto may have taken a calculated risk and assumed the pure income from the YouTube video may be enough to offset the fee. Second, as there is not a single word uttered about the car in this video, the lawyers at Sport Auto may have found a loophole around Ferrari’s restrictions.

Either way, we win, as we get crisp automotive pornography and it didn’t cost any of us a dime.

Updated 4/30/2014: Looks like Auto Sport released the video and then got cold feet, as it was pulled down shortly after we broke the story. There is a new video, however, and we posted it after the jump.

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